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Questions answered xD

1. Why do you love your best friend?
Because i can act stupid with her xD haha

2. Your biggest turn-off?
guys who act like total assholes!!! or in general people who don’t care :( 

3. What is your Song of the week? 
Hikari e by Miwa

4. Is it okay for guys to wear pink?
yeah sure!! ^.^

5. Did you ever use a gun?
nope! >.<

6. Nike or Adidas?
i don’t wear neither >.< but i’ll go for, myself and I don’t know why >.<

7. Do you consider yourself patient?
not really>.< I’m usually impatient but sometimes i can be patient if i want to be xD

8. Where you want to be right now and why?
In South Korea because i want to see all my kpop idols and experince/be somewhere different. ^.^

9. What was the last thing you drew?
A drawing of Tao from Exo, it wasn’t the best but it was okie >.<

10. What is the favourite flavour of gum?
strawberry flavour (don’t really chew gum)

11. Someone who admires you?
I don’t think anyone does (T.T)*cries*

12. Most embarrassing moment from your middle school years?
It would have to be when i bumped straight into a lam post, and everyone saw…(my poor nose (T.T) i’m so clumsy >.<)

i think their might have been more, but don’t really remember…or snap i just remembered.. was when i was in year 5 and like i wrote a note to this boy, saying i liked him, didn’t put my name but only putting the letter B on it at the end and maybe my class..don’t specifically remember >.< i think his whole class/everyone knew it but yeah…totally embarrassing >.< 



so if anyone who follows me and sees this and also lives in England or is coming to London and knows any information about which kpop idols are coming here and when…then message me an a-z of what you know >.< Saranghaeyo!!!! and Kamashamnida!!

…all i know is that Kim Soo Hyun, IU and Lee Seung Gi are going to be in London for the Olympics ^.^.. don’t know any further details about that (T.T)

met this really nice Japanese guy today xD

So this is how my awesomely sunny day went….

……long story short there was this really kawaii looking asian guy who was sitting buy himself eating and my friend dared me to go up to him and ask him where he was from. The first time i got up and walked over to his direction, but then was to shy and quickly ran back to where my friend was. finally the second time i was feeling more brave, so i then manage to go over where he was sitting and i sat right opposite him… i asked him where he was from and he said he was from Japan (and then i called my friend over) he then said that he was only here for like 4 weeks, seeing as it was summer break for him over in Japan and that he was staying with a host family. he was also teaching me a few Japanese words..which was really cool xD and i also let him listen to a few of the Kpop songs i had on my ipod, which i think he liked (seeing as he knew already some kpop bands). he said that he wanted to be a doctor and that is what he was doing at uni in Japan… we were talking for quite a while, then at the end me an my friend were getting ready to go…i then took my opportunity to ask him for his email… we then exchanged email addresses….yaaayyy!!!! then i huged him goodbye before he got on his train and me and my friend waved goodbye to him and he waved back ^.^

…and i have completely forgotten his name >.< hopely i do see him again before he goes back to Japan xD

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aaahhhh!!!!! i just wanna cry (T.T) every time i see a gif/fan-cam of Kai or any of the other members from exo-k… reminds me that i didnt know that they came to London and i missed an opportunity to see them up close (T.T) waeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!  well next time i wont >.< …there better be a next time!!!! >.< so EXO!!!! COME BACK TO LONDON!!!!!!! xD

Camden and China Town xD

Went to Camden and china town for the first time ever with my friend (don’t know why i didn’t go before (T . T)) had so much fun! even if it rained >.< Wanted to buy so much stuff from Camden, it’s time to save up xD and i’m still full from eating so much Chinese food >.< hehe! I have to go loads more times with my friend before she goes to Japan…forever (T . T) i shall miss her >.<